Because of its unique combination of Physical and chemical properties "Garflon" Tubings have many diversified applications. Both flexible and semi rigid grades are made out of Nylon Type 6 and Nylon Type 12. They are used for various applications such as automotive units,

hydraulic lines pneumatic control systems, fuel lines for compressors and vacuum pumps etc. Garflon Nylon Tubings are available from 3 mm O.D. x 1.5 I.D. to 19 mm O.D. x 15 mm I.D.


Withstand high pressure 75 kg / cm (1060psi) to 150 kg / cm (2120 psi) varying as per wall thickness from 0.5 mm to 10 mm and the diameter.
Low co-efficient of friction.
Ease of installation
Good dimensional stability
Light in weight
Good heat resistance
Non toxic
Good Chemical resistance


Automotive gasoline
High pressure lubricant
Refrigeration lines
Air lines on pneumatic control systems
Gaslines in various industries
Fuel lines for petrol engines
Beverage lines